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ODOT PRESENTATION by Ms. Breanna Badanes (4/2/2019)


When the ramp from Third to 70 EB closes and traffic is detoured Livingston to Alum Creek, parking will be taken away from the south side of Livingston between 3rd St. and 6th St.

60 Day Parsons closure: Parsons will be closed between Mooberry and Main. We’ll know more about the schedule when we meet with the contractor next month, but we estimate the closure will happen in Late Fall 2019. During the closure, traffic will be able to take Mooberry to 18th to Main St. and access the ramp that way (modifications will be made ahead of time that will allow a left turn onto the ramp from WB Main St).

And here’s what I learned from the City about Livingston:

Livingston Phase C is from 5th to Kennedy, which is currently in construction, and will be completed with reconstruction by November 2019.

Livingston Phase B is from High to 5th, which will be reconstructed after ODOT closes the 4th Street/Livingston Ave exit ramp, at the end of 2021.

Livingston from Kennedy to Ohio was reconstructed within the last 10 years, with no current plans to resurface.

Livingston from Ohio to Alum Creek will be resurfaced in late 2020/early 2021, but we are working to potentially move that up.

Breanna Badanes

Public Information Office

ODOT District 6

400 E. William St., Delaware OH 43015

(p) 740-833-8222 (m)614-452-2825


AGENDA  for  MAY 14, 2019


Call to Order

Mr. Robert Ferrin  Children’s Hospital Parking Parking Review

Parking Issues and Evaluation of PARKING for Schumacher Place

Dr. Tina Pierce , CEO and Founder WORTH

I          Approval of April   Minutes ( on Website ) April 2, 2019

II         Treasurer’s Report (Membership Renewal July 1-June 30 May 14, Financial report

III.  Old Business

  1. 460 South Lane  Update  Site Drawings    ,    updated pictures 5/2/19    5/2picture
  2. 500 East Columbus Street  500 E. Columbus Street   (2 parcels   joined)

IV.  Columbus Southside Area Commission Report / Jim Cole                                                            Mark Lecky , Zoning Committee

V.       New Business 

  1.  ZONING REQUEST  644 S NINTH STREET          ,             Staff Comments

A.        Monthly Social, May 16, 2019 HEY HEY  Bar and Grill    6:30 pm

B.      Columbus Arts Festival, Beverage Tent  Chair June 7, 2019 Sue Gall

C.       Community Clean up June 15, 2019 10:00 am to Noon

C.       Schumacher Place YARD SALE July 13, 2019 Lynette Cole

D.       Clippers Baseball Game July 14, 2019 4:05 pm game,                                                                        MEMBERS ATTENDING  NEED  TO RESERVE THEIR FREE TICKET.                                             by or at June Meeting 6/4/2019

E.         National NIght Out at Schiller Recreation (German Village, Merion Village and                        Schumacher Place ) to Celebrate July 31, 2019

Next SPCA meeting is June 4,2019.