Parking Permits?


Please email responses to ASAP.

The City of Columbus is investigating setting up parking permit areas in the neighborhoods surrounding Nationwide Children’s Hospital. This includes Schumacher Place neighborhood but also Livingston Avenue, Livingston Park, Old Oaks, and Southern Orchards.

Our feedback is requested by Thursday, January 20, close of business (just before our next membership meeting). So please send in your feedback as soon as possible before then:

1. Where do you live (nearest cross streets such as – Beck and Beech):

2. Do you believe that parking near your residence is impacted by Nationwide Children’s Hospital now?

3. Is street parking a problem near your residence currently (regardless of reason)?

4. If permit parking is provided, what type of permit do you favor? Some examples:
i. Only people with permits are allowed to park on those streets (No Parking Except City Permit __)?
ii. Permits only in the evening (No Parking 5pm-6am Except City Permit __)?
iii. Limited time parking (2 hr Parking Except City Permit __)?

5. If permit parking is provided, should there be visitor passes for guests?

Other comments or questions are welcome.


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