Schumacher Place Neighborhood Meeting – September 6

Please join us on Tuesday, September 6, 6:30-8:00pm for our next neighborhood meeting.

NOTE: This meeting will be held at the Columbus Library – Parsons branch, 1113 Parsons Avenue.

We will discuss the following zoning variances – please see the Zoning Variance tab on the website for details:
  • 601 South Ninth Street – proposed condominium project
  • 503 East Sycamore Street – proposed new house construction

2 thoughts on “Schumacher Place Neighborhood Meeting – September 6

  1. Posting with Jason’s permission – 8/29/2016:


    I received notice of this proposal for the demolition and development of 597 & 601 S Ninth St. Likely, I will not be able to attend the meeting on Sept 6th, but wanted to share some of my concerns.

    First, Schumacher Place is a historical area which is why many of us purchased a place in that area instead of areas like Upper Arlington, Dublin or New Albany. The R-2 zoning approvals sound like they have been very lenient given the neighborhood’s history and in comparison to German Village. We need to ensure the integrity of the neighborhood remains intact especially given the rapid growth and those looking to just profit instead of embracing and enhancing the community. Once it’s gone…it can’t be undone. Once again, look how German Village is embraced and is considered a landmark not just in Columbus but within Ohio.

    Second, parking is already sparse around that and surrounding areas. Going from two dwellings to 18 dwellings would put a severe strain on parking especially as many do not have private parking/garage. Where are all the visitors going to park? My 70 year old parents and friends have had to park blocks away already when in town visiting. This has gotten worse since the Nationwide expansion and the Beck school re-opening.

    Third, the construction will impact the neighbors and local traffic for quite some time given the size of the proposed development. I had two houses done around us within the last two years and it was awful from a noise, dirt, inconvenience, etc. standpoint from 7am until 6pm and sometimes on the weekends starting as early as 8am over 3 plus months.

    Fourth, how will adding condominiums/apartments/etc. affect the surrounding area? Property values? Type of people joining the community? I have had multiple issues with the people from the apartment buildings between Lathrop and 9th St as they are not respectful of other people’s properties. Many renters do not care as much as homeowners about their neighborhood.

    Fifth, there already is a lack of green space around the area and this would eliminate the or one of the largest ones left.

    I’m not against development, but I am against it when it does not keep the integrity of the neighborhood, negatively impacts those that live there or around there currently, is overboard/profit motivated only, etc..

    Thank you for acting and representing the rights of the Schumacher Place community.

    Jason Tomany


  2. Additional comment from Lorraine Ross approved for posting 9/3/2016:

    Kathryn Green:

    My Mother and I are property owners in Schumacher Place. We think the proposed Zoning Variance creates a high-priced urban slum, and, as such, we ask the Zoning Commission to turn down this request.


    Lorraine Ross


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