JANUARY 2, 2018   6:30 PM  



Call to Order and Welcome

Introduction of New Officers

Variance Presentation by owner, Alex Picazo of  370 Forest Street

Sara  Lenkay    Southside  Thrive Presentation

Jay Devore and Tyler Menke , Ninth Street Townhomes Good Neighbor Agreement


I          Approval of November Minutes

II         Treasurer’s Report

III         Old Business


  1. Restricted Parking , Meeting with Council Member Shannon Hardin January 30 , 2018 Angela Mingo agreed to have the Children’s Government Relations team to speak directly to Council Members Stinziano and Hardin,to state they have no objection to Schumacher pursuing restricted parking in the NE Quadrant.
  2. Christmas Brunch, we collected $240.00 and many toys and presents.
  3. Dan Glasener from German Village is hoping to unite them, Merion Village and Schumacher Place in fighting crime in our areas.
  4. Constitution
  5. Maryhaven
  6. NEEDED CHAIRPERSON –coordinate Monthly Socials. 3rd. Thursday of the month


IV       New Business

  1.  Calendar of Events

V        Adjournment



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