JANUARY 15, 2019

      6:30 PM

Columbus Metropolitan Library, Parsons Branch

1113 Parsons Avenue




Call to Order

I          Approval of November 13  Minutes ( on Website )11/13/18

II         Treasurer’s Report (Membership Renewal July 1-June 30)

   Financial 1/15/2019

III.  Old Business

  1.  Neighborhood Pride Beautiful Home Awards, Beth Fairman Kinney
  2. 1.  The 1′ set back off the east property lines is too small to construct the residences.  The Lathrop is adjacent to another parcel and the Dutch Alley/Blenkner is adjacent to an alleyway.  Concern about the ability to maneuver in the alley.
    2.  The residences are (3) story with flat roofs.  This scheme is very similar to the project being constructed adjacent to Nate’s existing double that we discussed 2 weeks ago as being way too massive / tall and drawing complaints from the neighbors..
    3.  The set back on the N and S is 3-6″ and is better than previously proposed but is small for the building of a 3-story residence.  5′ would be more appropriate.
    4.  Although this is not typically a zoning concern, the layout to access the garages is very tight and the garages are very narrow.  The access into the garages will take work to align the car to actually drive into the garage straight.  As seen in the plan, the cars are placed in the garages with too little room to open the doors and get out of the vehicles with two vehicles parked side by side.  There is no dimension on the plan to asses this actual conditions,  Larger vehicles such as SUV’s and trucks will not be able to park based on the information provided in the submittal.
  3. Variance request   616 S. Ninth Street   BZA18-156   VOTE  February 5,2019
  4. Church for All People, Cathy Johnston
  5.   Improvement Spending Committee  Criteria and Proposed Spending                             Motion to SPEND
  6.  Restricted Parking Updates
  7. Constitution Updates

IV.     Columbus Southside Area Commission Report                                                                  Jim Cole will be sworn in January 22 , 2019 and represent Schumacher Place for 2 years

V.       New Business

1.   Historic Neighborhoods Update, Gary Stuhlfauth

2.   Children’s Hospital Growth

3.    Monthly Socials ????

4.  Columbus Arts Festival, Beverage Tent  Chair June 7, 2019 Sue Gall

5. Comprehensive Neighborhood Safety Plan, From Officer Medley