UPDATE 1/16/2021

UPDATES1/15/2021NBC4i article released this afternoon regarding Pizzuti project. https://www.nbc4i.com/…/another-round-of-revisions-for…/NBC4I.COMAnother round of revisions for Pizzuti project at Schumaacher Place

The next step for 280 E. Whittier is the Development Commission. Tentatively set for February 11, 2021 via Webex. They will hear the REZONE for Z20-061.

URGENT: We Need Everyone to Send an Email by 1/6/2021. The Columbus Development Commission is tentatively scheduled to meet on 1/14/2021 to determine if the Pizzuti site at 280 E Whittier will be rezoned to allow for a building of unlimited height. Here’s what you can do to help influence their decision: send an email to ALL the City of Columbus staff listed below no later than Wednesday, January 6, 2021 A sample email for your use appears below:Your NameYour AddressTo: Columbus Development Commissioners and Columbus City Council membersTOPIC: Development of 280 E Whittier Street, 43206I oppose the proposal submitted by Pizzuti due to the size (61’ 10” height) and the scale (263 units on 2.34 acres) in the middle of three historic neighborhoods: German Village, Schumacher Place and Merion Village. I am not against development of this site. I would like to see a structure with a maximum height of 38’ to allow for a better fit into three neighborhoods made up of mostly two-story homes.PLEASE SEND AS IS OR FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR PERSONAL COMMENTS ON HOW YOU WILL BE IMPACTED BY THIS DEVELOPMENT HERESend email at ALL below by 1/6/2021:Shannon Pine, City of Columbus Manager for Public Hearing – Rezoning & Council Variances, spine@columbus.gov Council Member Elizabeth Brown ecbrown@columbus.govCouncil Member Emmanuel Remy evremy@columbus.govCouncil Member Shayla Favor sdfavor@columbus.govCouncil Member Priscilla Tyson prtyson@columbus.govCouncil Member Rob Dorans radorans@columbus.gov Council Member Mitchell Brown mjbrown@columbus.govCouncil Member Shannon Hardin sghardin@columbus.govThank You.

All opposition correspondence, files, and materials should be sent to me by 1/6/21 so that I can forward one complete file to the Development Commission members. This is preferred over individual email messages to the DC Members. That way, all of the opposition materials are in one place for them to review, and will be sent to them when I send the Staff Report. Per this request, send all information to Spine@columbus.gov

SADLY , TONIGHT THE CSSAC DID NOT SUPPORT OUR NEIGHBORHOODS’ VOTE. The Z20-061 was voted 6-5 in favor. CV20-066 was supported for all variances. Next this will be heard at the DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION IN JANUARY. IT IS NOT OVER, BE STRONG AND HAVE A NICE HOLIDAY.

DECEMBER 8, 2020 6:30 PM

Front of Dispatch Metro section 12/4.

Pizzuti apartment project near German Village clears another hurdle

Mark Ferenchik, The Columbus DispatchAn updated renderings for Schumacher Place, an apartment building project proposed for the site at 280 E. Whittier St. that is now occupied by a Giant Eagle grocery store.The controversial apartment building project proposed for a Giant Eagle site near German Village has cleared another hurdle as the South Side Area Commission’s zoning committee sent it to a full commission vote next week.The proposed project at 280 E. Whittier St., will ultimately go before the city Development Commission and Columbus City Council. It now includes 263 apartment units. That’s scaled back from an originally proposed 330 units, as developer Pizzuti Companies tries to alleviate neighborhood objections about density and traffic.But many still aren’t happy, including German Village resident Cheryl Hacker, the former chairwoman of the German Village Commission.”The developer wants to build a large structure, which is still plainly inappropriate for our neighborhood,” Hacker said during the virtual zoning committee meeting on Tuesday. “Much is at stake.”German Village has been fortunate to have sensible zoning restrictions. One of the things that makes German Village distinct is there aren’t massive structures on the other side of its borders,” she said.Updated renderings for the proposed Schumacher Place apartment and retail complex on the site occupied by a the Giant Eagle grocery store call for a 263-unit building.The 2.3-acre site sits in the Schumacher Place neighborhood adjacent to German Village, outside of the German Village Commission’s authority.The zoning variances allow for first-floor residential units, zero building setbacks, and would reduce the number of required parking spaces from 428 to 263. It would have 8,250-square-feet of retail space. Pizzuti also needs the site itself rezoned to proceed.The project’s height varies, from 49 feet (four-and-a-half stories) on the south side along Whittier Street to 38 feet (three-and-a-half stories) on the north side of the site. Eleven fifth-floor units in the proposed project are at 62 feet tall.This is another view of the updated renderings for the proposed Schumacher Place apartment and retail complex on the site occupied by a the Giant Eagle grocery store at 280 E. Whittier.Brenda Gischel, who leads the Schumacher Place Civic Association, said that even with fewer units, the project still does not fit the neighborhood’s fabric.”That has no place in the middle of three neighborhoods,” Gischel said, referring to Schumacher Place, German Village and Merion Village. Gischel fears that a 62-foot height would set a precedent that would lead to similar projects in the area.”We don’t want to be the Short North,” she said. A 35-foot-height would be acceptable, Gischel said, wondering why Pizzuti couldn’t remove those top 11 units.Jon Riewald, Pizzuti’s vice president of development, told the zoning committee that the project will contribute to the vibrancy of small businesses in the area and create a better neighborhood. Pizzuti spokeswoman Laurie Marquart said in an email that the company typically does not disclose project costs.Bob Leighty, a zoning committee member and executive director of the Parsons Avenue Merchants Association, said an increase in residents should be a boost for neighborhood businesses.Schumacher Place resident Will Roth said the project will help increase the supply of housing in an area where demand is forcing up prices.Curtis Davis, chairman of the South Side Area Commission Zoning Committee, said the full area commission will take up the issue on Tuesday.Davis said Giant Eagle plans to close the store in January.”I think the project is a valid project,” Davis said. “You have to understand we’re a growing city.”Regina Acosta Tobin, broker and owner of Metro Village Realty, said she showed a couple from Charlotte, North Carolina, a home on East Whittier across from the site this past Saturday.The couple asked to see the Pizzuti plans, she said, and afterwards told her: “That’s like an entire mountain in front of our house.” The couple is now not interested in the home.Tobin called the zoning committee decision one small battle.

UPDATES FOR 11/25/2020 Z-20-061 and CV20-066






UPDATED SITE 11/06/2020 ELEVATIONShttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1A00GhVejfU6WWJUVvvd0XkR41gGuspJI/view?usp=sharing

UPDATE Z20-061 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1spyKkjZdLoTVCu3_bwjSL4tWDQSXeA7I/view?usp=sharing

SEE THE REVISED 10/31/2020

280 East Whittier Street

Summary of revised Pizzuti proposal. New Pizzuti proposal: 279 units- reduced from 331. This is made up of 50% one bedroom, 35% studio and 15% two bedrooms. 228 structured stalls (which means parking spots) 180 below level and 58 at grade level. 17 additional on street parking spaces due to allowing parking on the east side of Jaeger. 9,462 sf of retail space – increased from 8,000 sf. This is not confirmed and is subject to reduction. 38 feet tall on Kossuth and 49 feet tall on Whittier and 62 feet tall inside the corridor at Jaeger and Lansing. Prior to this change the entire project was 62 feet tall. On Kossuth the height will be 3.5 stories and on Whittier will be 4.5 stories. There “might be” trees on the streets, flowers, planters, brick sidewalks, bike storage and a bike shop. Parking and traffic studies completed by the city and awaiting review by city staff. No commitment to affordable housing.

This is the Schumcaher Place Civic Association letter to CSSAC 10/25/2020 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PLoVIKdVEclzzUUY3YOI_SCVmbeoq0J-/view?usp=sharing

If you oppose the plan, please email the CSSAC members and express your concerns: View Post

jcole2011@hotmail.com, atticusgarden@gmail.com, tom.less@woolpert.com, edgewood.acres.officialsitecmh@gmail.com, apriltisby@hotmail.com, binkycmh@hotmail.com, cyp1799@yahoo.com, pjcopeland@sbcglobal.net, peace_banner@att.net, eesynk@yahoo.com, minakhopkins@gmail.com, bobleighty41@gmail.com,cdavis@team-icsc.com, mikehalcock@gmail.com

Ultimately Columbus City Council will decide. Here are their addresses:

Columbus City Council Member Mitchell Brown 90 West Broad Street Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 645-7380 mjbrown@columbus.gov

Columbus City Council Member Shannon Hardin 90 West Broad Street Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 645-7380 sghardin@columbus.gov

Columbus City Council Member Elizabeth Brown 90 West Broad Street Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 645-7163 ecbrown@columbus.gov

Columbus City Council Member Emmanuel Remy 90 West Broad Street Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 645-3559 evremy@columbus.gov

Columbus City Council Member Shayla Favor 90 West Broad Street Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 645-5524 sdfavor@columbus.gov

Columbus City Council Member Priscilla Tyson 90 West Broad Street Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 645-7380 prtyson@columbus.gov

Columbus City Council Member Rob Dorans 90 West Broad Street Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 645-8201 radorans@columbus.gov

280 East Whittier

Voting is in. Thank you to all.

(Z20-061 AND CV20-066)

(This is a third party rendering based on the specs provided by the Pizzuti Company.)



1) VOTE: The proposed Rezoning Application, Z20-061
FOR: 15 (3.7%) AGAINST: 390 (96.3%)

2) VOTE: The proposed Council Variance Application, CV20-066
FOR: 17 (4.2%) AGAINST: 385 (95.8%)


(I have just been updated from Zoning Chairperson of CSSAC and I want to be transparent with the community.)

For the 280 Project, I will be calling a Special Meeting to discuss and see if the applicant has a better solution to the proposal at hand, they came with Different Drawings at your Civic Meeting, and have shown a desire to work more of a compromise on the project. Addendum B of the By Laws of the Commission gives me that option in Section 5, with 7 day notice, we are trying to schedule this for October 31, I am waiting on Confirmation from the applicant’s counsel. And Beth will provide the proper notice at that time per the City Charter and we will push it over via social media platforms.
After consulting with City Staff, and Jim and Erin, at that time, the Zoning Committee along with all Commissioners, and a representative from Schumacher, and City Staff will meet and try to come to a balanced fair solution for all parties. The meeting will be open for public viewing, but chat will be shut off and there will be no public comments taken for this meeting. I will also have Tony from the City online to explain to the Commissioners and Committee folks what should and should not be considered, he will also review City Staff Report and by that time the traffic and parking study should be ready for review and to get feedback from City staff on that matter which is one of the two big issues on the project. 
As to the question if this will go back to the Civic, under same section, Number 6 States that the applicant shall not appear before the Civic more than once, and they have done that 3 times, at which at that time you took an Electronic Vote for the Disapproval, as Reported by you, so at this time, that part of the process has been recorded and noted, and we are to the Commission Process of the application in which will trying to resolve the matter fairly and balanced for ALL Parties.

You may Listen to the meeting 10/10/2020

CSSAC Zoning Committee Mtg Recording. This meeting was held on Saturday October 10. The discussion regarding 280 E Whittier begins approximately at the 45 minute mark. 

The passcode is


You can access it at: https://www.columbussouthside.org/?fbclid=IwAR1sp_HdkbXLmCgh-ux3ai1hZH46tQtghCLW1Hh-U77cQpjeCMh7wb_6WZ0


OPEN PUBLIC MEETING FOR 280 E WHITTIER 10/31/2020 ( see link above)



 RENEW MEMBERSHIPS or JOIN (JULY 1-JUNE 30)You must be a member to serve and vote for Civic Issues

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A PAID MEMBER OF SPCA TO VOTE FOR ZONING ISSUES, You must be a resident or business owner and have proof of residency to vote.

(examples: utility bill, tax bill, bank statement, not a drivers license)


Link provided on Nextdoor Events and Schumacher Place Civic Assoc on Facebook to attend VIRTUAL Meetings