Schumacher Place operates under a constitution adopted in 2004. The Constitution Revision Committee is currently working to update our constitution where appropriate, and a final draft will be presented to the membership for vote before the end of Q3 2017.

A copy of our current constitution is available here.

Below is a copy of the PROPOSED Constitution 6/1/2018.  IT HAS NOT BEEN ADOPTED.

As of November 20,2018, the constitution has been read and edited by membership at two meetings. the revised document will be posted soon so all may read and comment. We will vote on the constitution and bylaws at our February meeting 2019.

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Final Document/2018

This comes after many hours and rewrites by the Constitution Committee. We owe them many thanks. Thanks to Sue Gall from the Hey Hey for allowing us to use her space to offer edits to the constitution. It is not perfect, we will make the rest of the edits once we have voted this in. Please send any questions or concerns to, This will be discussed at the January meeting